Nadir – Slave: The Remixtape

March 10: It’s free electronic music month at Synthtopia. All month, we’re highlighting great music that’s available for free on the Internet.

Slave is a great track from modern soul artist Nadir’s Distorted Soul 2.0 cd. If you’re not familiar with Nadir, think Lenny Kravitz with better lyrics.

“You were mother-something ruthless baby,
A jack-the-ripper in high-healed shoes
You cut me like a razor blade
And still I can’t get over you”

Nadir is doing what a lot of musicians are doing now – offering free MP3s at his site to let you try out his music. You can listen to the original of Slave, below, get more free MP3s at his site and, if you like his stuff, check out his commercial releases.

Nadir SlaveNadir also recently sent us a copy of his Slave: The Remixtape, which is a CD compilation of remixes of Slave. It’s a fantastic example of what remixers can do when given good material.

The remixes take the original into completely new territory. Discoslave is a full-on house remix; the Distorted Soul Rock Radio edit has more of a classic rock feel; the Power X-Change Flip version turns it into a trance/techno number; the Hip-Hop Radio Edit strips it down and adds a rap; and the Covert Ops Mix takes it into minimal techno territory.

If you’re into remixes, Nadir’s Slave: The Remixtape is a tour-de-force of remixing.


1. Cool Rev’s Nastyville Crunk Mix
2. Discoslave by The Invisible Kid
3. Feel the Pain Funk Mix by DJ Butterface and Nadir
4. Distorted Soul Rock Radio Edit
5. DJ Butterface Power X-Change Flip
6. Distorted Soul Hip Hop Radio Edit featuring Versiz
7. Badmitten Covert Ops Mix
8. Cashville Crunk Radio Edit featuring Just-One
9. DJ Butterface Vibrator Trix
10. Distorted Soul Hip Hop DJ Mix featuring Versiz
11. Distorted Soul Album Version
12. Discoslave Instrumental by The Invisible Kid
13. Badmitten Covert Ops Instrumental
14. Distorted Soul Acoustic Radio Edit

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