Wave Arts Releases Universal Binary Updates

Wave Arts MasterVerb

Wave Arts has introduced Universal Binary versions of TrackPlug 4, MasterVerb 4 and WaveSurround 4 in the VST and Audio Unit formats, “Due to popular demand”.

We’re not sure about this, but we figure “due to popular demand” means that no one will buy your Mac software if it doesn’t run on any current Mac.

TrackPlug is a comprehensive, CPU-efficient channel strip featuring 10 band EQ, compressor and gate.

MasterVerb is an easy-to-use, silky smooth hall reverb.

WaveSurround is a 3D spatialization/stereo enhancer plug-in with sophisticated HRTF and crosstalk canceling technology.

Many users have found situations where they enjoy the simplicity of using the older version 4 counterparts, compared to our more fully-featured version 5 lineup.

The update is free to existing v4 customers, and can be found on the Wave Arts Downloads page.

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