DubSpot – New York’s First DJ, VJ and Electronic Music Production School

DJ turntableDubSpot located in NYC’s Meatpacking District. offers a wide range of electronic music courses in a brand new facility, outfitted with cutting-edge equipment and software.

Sessions are limited to a maximum of six students. Each student’s workstation is outfitted with the latest technological gear and software including: Serato Scratch Live, a 17-inch Intel iMac, two Technics 1210 turntables, a Digidesign Mbox audio interface, Logic Pro, Reason, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, and more. All course fees include supervised lab time, where students can come in to practice production techniques or hone their DJing skills.

The students at DubSpot range from a 10 year-old budding music prodigy to Lisa – the 30-something office professional seeking to fulfill a lifelong desire. In addition, the school has enrolled Sebastian, a bedroom DJ who wants to take the next step into music production, Nick – the NJ high school student looking for an after-school activity with friends, and Aranka, a professional artist looking to make VJ’ing her next medium.

The inspiration for DubSpot came to Founder Dan Giove after attending a music production seminar taught by Thievery Corporation at the Remix Hotel during Winter Music Conference in Miami. Back in New York at DJ Francois K’s Deep Space dub night at Cielo, he and long-time friend and Co-founder, JP Solis talked about learning to produce their own music.

Giove decided to open a place that encompassed all genres of electronic music to help revitalize NYC nightlife and DJ culture. Together with a team of music industry professionals, they launched DubSpot in December 2006 and subsequently the DS14 collective. DS14 is an ever-expanding group of like-minded instructors, DJ’s, producers, musicians, promoters, nightclubs owners, record label professionals, equipment manufacturers, and music enthusiasts, who collaborated to build this centrally located facility (DubSpot) for everything music related.

DJ Courses & Workshops – Students are taught DJ fundamentals in a fun, easy to understand, step-by-step approach, using CDJs, turntables and Serato Scratch Live. This vinyl emulation software enables the DJ to use two vinyl records to mix and scratch digital files from his or her iTunes library. Advanced students will perform live at a New York nightclub for their final exam.

Electronic Music Production (EMP) – Whether you’re looking to learn a specific program like Logic or Ableton, seeking a weekend workshop in remixing a track, or want a six-month comprehensive production program in which you create your own music, DubSpot’s EMP director will customize a curriculum to fit your needs.

Visual & Video Production – For new and/or experienced VJs, as well as DJ’s seeking to incorporate visual elements into their sets. Classes are also offered on video mixers, VJ software, DVD authoring, and video post-production.

Current instructors include Dustin Cook (SAE Institute of Technology, System Recordings), JP Solis (Crobar, Satellite Records), Neil Armstrong (5th Platoon), DJ Daddy Dog (5th Platoon), and Chris Biggins (Crobar).

DubSpot also offers unique team-building events for businesses where employees can come in and collaborate to produce a song or learn to DJ. Additionally, their full-fledged recording studio is available for rental use.

A special ‘Intro to DJing’ weekend workshop is being offered for $99 for a limited time.

14 thoughts on “DubSpot – New York’s First DJ, VJ and Electronic Music Production School

  1. I am very much interested in taking a DJ training, always been wanting to do this for many years but never went about it

  2. Hi, Im From colombia and soon I am going to live in NYC… I already did a basic training but not a complete program… I would like to learn more about dj skills and how make good music… Ill be in touch soon..
    more information please…

  3. hey, I live upstate NY. just wondering if the school is a reconized as far as a degree is concerned. Also job placement etc. Is the school a campus or dorms or do all students have to commute or what? If I have already been a dj for years? should I start over and re-learn the basics agian?—> (will do if necessary). What is the total cost of tuiton and when does it need to be in by?

    1. does dubspot have dorms or where do you stay when you attend the school and i dont see why they dont put this in the description of the school

    2. LOL Man Its Djing , No Need for a Degree, and no there shouldnt be a job placement, THIS IS DJING Not School school LOL

  4. I went to a Maschine workshop. Very good and talented staff, and it was worthwhile for me.

    @Martina- 8th ave and 14th st

  5. I just signed up for the Fundementals of music online course. After I am done I am going to do the full emp master certificate course. I cant wait!!!!

  6. Do you offer class for a VJ software? If so, when and how much. I know how to edit and downloaded modul8 but its more difficult than I imagined…

    have a good wknd!

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