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March 16: It’s free electronic music month at Synthtopia. The free music index has more than a dozen sources listed already, and we’ve got more to share the rest of the month.

If you get into ambient or space music, you’ll want to check out the Sonoprint Space Music Sampler. It features a selection of “deep space” style tracks.

Sonprint is made up of Mikoli Weaver, Tom Taylor and Craig Cutright, and creates ambient music for CDs, live performance and film soundtracks.

You can preview their free mp3 album below with the track Distance.


  • NEO 657
  • SETI 544-88
  • A new blue world
  • Distance
  • P-808 perihelion view
  • Protostar
  • Sailing the solar wind
  • Satellite calling

4 thoughts on “Download A Free MP3 Album Of Space Music

  1. Download A Free MP3 Album Of Space Music?? Where??? I only see a preview of one song? Why make it so difficult to find this stuff. If you're going to offer it for free don't make me just through hoops!

  2. I agree what Finn sad.
    It's ridiculous to say that you're offering something for free but the only thing you offer is a tracklist, a file called "distance.mp3" and even getting that is a fuzz cause the link is either broken or w/e.


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