Blue Cat Audio Releases FreqAnalyst Pro Frequency Analyzer Plug-In

Frequency Analyzer

Blue Cat Audio has released Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst Pro, an extended version of Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst freeware DirectX and VST plug-in for Windows.

This new plug-in is a real time spectrum analyzer with extremely smooth response and complete control over the audio spectrum analysis, including slope and offset correction. It offers memory slots to save/restore frequency response curves for easier A/B comparison and a customizable user interface with a unique transparency feature letting you see behind it. A spectrogram view has been added to the picture to monitor the evolution of the spectrum over time. Last but not least, this plug-in is able to extract frequency information from the audio signal and export it as MIDI CC or automation curves in real time: audio effects or MIDI hardware can now be controlled by the pitch of the signal!

Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst Pro is available as a single product or within the Analysis Pack or All Plugins Pack bundles. Demo version can be downloaded from the product pages.

Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst Pro main features:

  • Mono and stereo real time spectrum analyzer
  • Total control over the analysis parameters, with slope and offset correction
  • Smart interpolation algorithm for extreme display smoothness
  • Spectrum and spectrogram views with zooming and precise measurement capabilities
  • Instant, peak and average curves display for each channel
  • Save the curves for easy A/B comparison
  • Audio to MIDI and automation conversion: control any other effect or MIDI hardware with the frequency information exported as MIDI CC or automation curve
  • Opacity control for the skinnable user interface
  • Custom absolute and relative threshold control

Pricing (special introduction prices – limited time offers):

  • Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst: 39.20 EUR (instead of 49 EUR) or $49 (instead of $61.25)
  • Blue Cat’s Analysis Pack: 59.25 EUR (instead of 79 EUR) or $74.06 (instead of $98.75)
  • Blue Cat’s All Plugins Pack: 296.65 EUR (instead of 349 EUR) or $370.81 (instead of $436.25)

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