Mackie Tracktion Video

Mackie Tracktion Video

SWA Video, a product of Streamwork Audio, has partnered with Mackie to bring an exclusive offer for all registered users of Tracktion 3. In Tracktion 3’s Ultimate bundle users will find SWA Video’s extensive 4-hour instructional video covering everything from setting up to the Final Plug. SWA Complete Tracktion 3 will allow you to explore the depths of Tracktion 3 like never before to truly maximize your potential with the application.

Users of Tracktion 3 Project Bundle will find a quickstart overview video, also produced by Streamworks Audio, to get you up and running in no time. The Project Bundle also includes an exclusive offer to upgrade the quickstart video to the full-blown 4-hour SWA Complete Tracktion 3.

About SWA Complete Tracktion 3:

With over 4 hours of instructional material, Dan Worrall will take you into the depths of Tracktion 3. From setting up Tracktion 3 for optimal performance on your computer through working with Tracktion 3’s new loop feature, right down to polishing your masterpiece with the Final plug – Dan has not left out any details.

Tracktion has brought to the DAW world the much desired ‘non cluttered’ workspace with the single screen model – everything to can be accessed in just one simplified interface, and with SWA Complete Tracktion 3 you will find all the content you need to master all these functions and features of the program.

Not only does Dan offer clear explanations of the fundamentals of Tracktion 3, he dishes up some helpful tips and tricks when working throughout the program, such as getting the most out Tracktion 3’s looping feature or even tweaking your mix with Mackie’s included plug-ins.

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