Equinox Sounds Releases Book of Sequences Pro For Rob Papen Blue VSTi Synth

Book of SequencesEquinox Sounds has released Book Of Sequences Pro Chapters 1-2-3-4-5, a collection of 440 sequences for Rob Papen BLUE VSTi Synthesizer, by synth programmer BearNaomh.

This first installment of Book Of Sequences Pro consists of 5 Chapters. Each Chapter contains a bank with 30 patches and all of them are sequences in Simple, Arpeggio and Chord mode.

  • Chapter 1: 24 Sequences at 75 BPM in Simple mode and 6 at 75 BPM in Chord mode.
  • Chapter 2: 30 Sequences at 100 BPM in Simple mode.
  • Chapter 3: 18 Sequences at 120 BPM in Simple mode and 12 at 120 BPM in Arpeggio mode.
  • Chapter 4: 30 Sequences at 150 BPM in Simple mode.
  • Chapter 5: 22 Sequences at 150 BPM in Chord mode and 8 at 150 BPM in Arpeggio mode.

Some of the patches contain some variations and those can be found in a section called “Appendix A”. The total number of patches in this collection is 440 ( 150 sequences from the Chapters plus the variations found on the Appendix).

Book of Sequences Pro is currently available for 59 Euro as a download.

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