SoundToys Version 3 Upgrade Now Available

SoundToys has announced the immediate availability of the new V3 upgrade for SoundToys TDM Effects and SoundToys Native Effects. The SoundToys V3 upgrade includes Universal Binary support, Audio Unit support, feature enhancements, and more. This upgrade is available now through the SoundToys online store.

SoundToys’ addition of Audio Unit support marks the first major platform addition to the SoundToys native product line which currently includes support for Pro Tools TDM, LE and M-Powered. Now all native plug-ins including EchoBoy, FilterFreak, Crystallizer, PhaseMistress, and Tremolator are supported in Logic Pro 7, Ableton Live 6 for Mac OS, Digital Performer 5, and other Audio Unit compliant applications on both Power Mac and Intel based Macs. Support for Speed will be announced in an upcoming release.

The SoundToys V3 upgrade adds Universal Binary and Intel-based Mac support for Pro Tools TDM, LE and M-Powered to the full line of SoundToys plug-ins, including EchoBoy, SoundBlender, FilterFreak, PitchDoctor, PhaseMistress, PurePitch, Crystallizer, Speed and Tremolator.

The SoundToys V3 also adds these feature enhancements:

  • New mono-to-stereo versions of FilterFreak1 and FilterFreak2 for dramatic stereo filtering effects
  • A new mono-to-stereo version of Tremolator which can be used to create stereo pulsing effects, as well as the classic Rhodes stereo tremolo effect
  • The addition of a front panel low-frequency cut control for EchoBoy, to reduce potential low frequency build-up
  • Support for Pro Tools automation key command shortcuts on all plug-ins
  • Parameter “locking” function for easier preset browsing. This feature allows users to dial in a specific value for wet/dry mix or other parameters, and then lock it down while browsing through the extensive SoundToys preset library
  • Inclusion of the first three Preset Expanders: Bass Guitar Tone Machine, FilterFunk and Pulsator

Pricing for the upgrade is $149.00 for SoundToys TDM Effects, $79.00 for SoundToys Native Effects, and $49.00 for individual plug-ins. Not all plug-ins support all platforms.

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