Modartt Introduces Pianoteq Version 2

PianoteqMusicmesse: Modartt has announced Pianoteq version 2, offering a new soundboard model, a vastly improved piano sound, and a stand-alone version.

New features:

  • Stand-alone version
  • Microtuning
  • Lid position
  • Pan slider
  • Key release velocity
  • MIDI controllers assignment
  • Smooth adjustment of parameters during play
  • Two strings in the bass – PIANOTEQ makes everything possible

New soundboard model for greater realism:

With the newly developed soundboard model, the piano sound is now mature and has a great acoustic realism throughout all ranges of the keyboard.

A piano software that behaves like an acoustic:

Everything that characterizes an acoustic piano is there: the mechanical noises (optional), the complexity of pedals and strings in interaction, the percussive impact on staccato play, and of course the most important, the beauty of the piano sound. So, while playing you can actually feel the vividness of the piano as if you could just lean a bit forward to touch the strings.

Feature Highlights:

  • Piano sound created in real time, adapted to the pianist’s interpretation – no piano samples
  • Extraordinary playability and expressiveness – full dynamics
  • Unique physical parameters for total control – tuning, voicing and piano design
  • Extremely small (8 MB) and fast loading

Product release: April 4, 2007

Free download for version 1 owners.

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