Keyfax NewMedia Releases Arpeggio Editor for Yamaha Motif Synthesizers

Keyfax Arp GeneratorKEYFAX NewMedia has announced the world’s first arpeggio editor for the Motif ES, S90ES, and MO series workstations.

ArpManager, an independent application written in France and exclusively distributed by KEYFAX, enables users to compile and create brand new arpeggio collections on a PC.

Featuring a simple user interface, you can drag and drop individual arpeggios from one collection to another, re-naming, editing, and re-positioning them along the way – capabilities totally impossible on the instruments themselves.

ArpManager is especially for S90ES owners who are currently unable to even create a User Arpeggio bank on the S90ES. ArpMananger lets you assemble a bank on the PC and then load the completed file into the S90ES.

User Arpeggio sources include people’s own creations, plus collections of drum loops, and guitar strums.

ArpMananger is available for download direct on for $29.95.

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