GForce impOSCar Goes Universal Binary

GForce impOSCar

GForce has announced the release of a Universal Binary version of impOSCar.

The quirky soft synth is modelled on the popular British OSCar synth that was used by the likes of Ultravox, Jean-Michel Jarre, Orbital, Underworld and Stevie Wonder.

The UB update is now available and is free to users who purchased and registered their instrument after the 1st October 2006. For these users the instrument has automatically been allocated to their accounts at the GForce website.

If you purchased your impOSCar before 1st October 2006, you will need to update to the Universal ImpOSCar via the shop for £13.99 (plus VAT), €19.99 (plus VAT) or $26.00.

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