Studiodevices Releases Reflections LE Convolution Reverb VST Plug-In

Colnvolution Reverb

Studiodevices has released Reflections LE, an inexpensive convolution reverb VST-plug-in including 500 MB of studio impulse-responses of world-class hardware and selected real rooms and ambiences in 24-bit quality.

Reflections LE is a simple convolution reverberator that features low latency down to 16 samples and even a zero-latency mode. The 32 Bit high optimized algorithm uses SSE instructions, resulting in outstanding performance.

Reflections LE includes a 24 Bit 500 MB impulse library, recreating programs of hardware reverberators and many well selected real rooms and ambiences. The hundreds of provided impulse-responses are recorded in 24-bit and up to 384 kHz and then are optimized for the calculations in Reflections LE. The presets are ready to use in studio productions and are available in different room sizes and reverb-lengths, so that it is really easy to find the fitting reverb for the current production immediately.


  • First class 500 MB studio-library
  • Easy and friendly user-interface
  • 128 production-ready studio-presets
  • Expandable through WAV impulse-files
  • Modulation of the reverb
  • Extended stereo-adjustment
  • Reverb-optimized high- and lowpass-filter
  • High-optimized stereo algorithm
  • Samplerates up to 96 kHz
  • 32 bit floating point operations
  • Latencies from 0 to 512 samples
  • Automatic samplerate/reverb-time compensation

System Requirements:

  • Audio-Interface with ASIO drivers
  • Windows XP
  • VST compatible host application
  • 500 MB hard-disk space in the VST folder
  • Intel or AMD CPU with SSE instructions

Demo-version Limitations:

  • Output mutes every 23 seconds
  • Presets are deactivated
  • Latency is fixed to 64 samples
  • Limited to only a few impulse-responses

Reflections LE is available immediately for an introduction price of 59 Euro at It will be shipped on a CD-ROM including the license and the 500 MB library.

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