Rain Recording Announces Nimbus Audio Computer

Nimbus music computerRain Recording has introduced the Nimbus AS1, an audio computer designed for the musician on a budget.

Starting at just $1299.95 (£749), the base model comes standard with dual-core processing, 667MHz RAM, dual SATA II hard drives and room to grow.

The scissor doors and top USB/FireWire ports provide easy access for audio peripherals and drive bays while the all aluminum construction keeps internal components passively cool and quiet. The case provides room for 4GB of RAM, 2 Terabytes of hard disk space and 3 PCI slots.

Shipping with Windows XP, Nimbus is also ready to roll with Vista, a no-cost option if you’re ready to switch to Microsoft’s newest OS.

Nimbus AS1 retails for $1,299.95 (£749)

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