PreSonus Monitor Station Remote Gets Your Juices Flowing

PreSonus Ships Monitor Station Remote for FireStudio 26x26 FireWire Recording System

PreSonus is shipping what looks to be the Monica Bellucci of recording system remotes, the Monitor Station Remote for the FireStudio 26×26 FireWire Recording System.

The Monitor Station Remote (MSR) is an integrated surround sound/stereo speaker manager, input switcher and communication system. The MSR connects to the FireStudio via standard Cat 5 Ethernet cable. There are also two headphone outputs on the FireStudio for added convenience.

The Monitor Station Remote is integrated with the FireStudio’s Control Console routing/mixing software giving total control of routing tracks, mixes, switching inputs and outputs, as well as talkback, mute, dim and mono, all the press of a button. The FireStudio with the Monitor Station Remote is a total recording environment designed to keep the creative juices flowing.

MSR Features:

  • Connect to FireStudio via rj45 ethernet connector
  • Main speaker volume control (surround and stereo)
  • Dual headphone amplifiers
  • Track Mode: enables 9 stereo mixes for headphones during tracking
  • Mix Mode: allows user to switch between three sets of stereo monitors
  • Surround Mode: enables 5.1 surround volume control or mixing in surround sound
  • Switch between surround and stereo with the push of a button
  • Talkback
  • Dim, mute, mono and more

$229.95 MSRP

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