Madlib – The Other Side: Los Angeles

The Other Side: Los Angeles is the fifth in a series of CD/DVD combinations in Time Out’s Other Side series of audiovisual travelogues. Each release features a different destination, and has a CD compiled by a local DJ, along with a video tour.

We recently took a look at Time Out’s The Other Side: Berlin, which featured Ellen Allien going to some cool places in Berlin, and an interesting collection of Berlin-related tracks.

The LA release features a mix from rapper/producer Madlib. It’s an unusual collection of tracks ranging from Cybertron to Sun Ra to the Outlaw Blues Band.

The DVD features hip-hop producer & Stone’s Throw label head Peanut Butter Wolf. Like the Berlin release, the DVD introduces you to some parts of the city that the hotel guidebook probably isn’t going to touch.

While The Other Side: Los Angeles is very eclectic, it also seems to miss entire sections of LA’s music and culture. On this count, the Berlin release was a more varied and exciting collection. The Berlin set also had much more of an electronica sensibility than this release.

Nevertheless, if you’re planning a trip to LA, it would be a mistake not to check out The Other Side’s take on the town.


  • The Lightmen Plus One – Energy Control Center
  • Cybertron – Clear
  • Kat – Game Over
  • Steve Grossman – Inmate Man
  • Prince Jazzbo – Blood Dunza
  • Sun Ra Arkestra – Nuclear War
  • Quasimoto – Greenery
  • Outlaw Blues Band – Deep Gully
  • Madlib – Infinity (*exclusive track*)
  • Leeroy “Horsemouth” Wallace – Herb Vendor
  • Rhythm Machine – Freakish Love
  • Mark Murphy – Sly
  • Harris & Orr – Spread Love
  • MED feat. Poke – What I Do
  • Beat Konducta – Smog Theme
  • Jaylib – Survival Test
  • Freestyle Fellowship – Park Bench People

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