Free Ambient MP3 Downloads From part2

We’ve got another helping of great free electronic music for you today, courtesy of Part2, an independent record label based in Cambridge, UK.

part2 is a new label, launched in March 2007. The label features ambient, abstract and hard to define electronic music. While currently a net-label, part2 plans to offer cds and other media soon.

Current artists include Elfish Echo, Ian Stewart, James Murray & Lackluster.

You can preview or download Ian Stewart’s ambient track Driftwood, below, or download the label’s first four EP’s at the site.

part2’s philosophy:

part2 exists for several reasons. the obvious one is to release music that we love, that explores new territory, that rewards considered listening.

but part2 is about more than just the music. part2 is about culture, art, change and experimentation. we’re also very much about community — the community formed by our artists, our listeners, and all the other great artists, labels and people that make up the ambient and underground electronic music community. any such community can only work through mutual respect, responsibility, support and encouragement.

we also take our responsibility towards the planet on which we live very seriously. when we start releasing printed material, we will ensure that all of it is manufactured and printed in a low-carbon, sustainable manner. those items that can’t be sustainably produced (i.e., cds themselves), we will offset as best we can.

part2 is also about change and growth. that means cultural, musical growth… and that means not worrying whether our output is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, or whether it will have popular appeal.

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