Chicks That Mix: DJ Amber

DJ Amber

Amber Nixon is a San Francisco-based techno and tech-house DJ and producer with a taste for driving beats and aggressively risky mixing.

Aggressive and risky is good.

Her unique approach to mixing is featured on her three CD releases, Live with Friends and Family (2004), Gold (2002), and CityDweller (2001), and her latest track, Your Love, is featured on the CD Altered Evidence (2004).

In 2003, Amber co-founded NorCal DJ and Music Production Academy in San Francisco, where she develops and instructs DJ courses. She is also a recurring guest lecturer for the UCLA Graduate School of Musicology course on The History of Electronic Music.

Amber is a resident with the San Francisco branch of Sister USA, a cross-genre, all-female DJ collective. Amber and her projects have been featured in Remix Magazine (US), XLR8R (US), Etc. Magazine (US), Karma Magazine (US), Szene (Germany), the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Magazine and numerous online publications.

You can preview Amber’s aggressive and risky mixing style with her grinding, feverish acid trance mix, CityDweller. Amber’s got more mix MP3s at her site, along with her performance schedule.

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