Jayzen Sound Design Releases Drone Sample Library

Jayzen Sound Design has introduced a new sound library, Wisdom Drone, that features drone tones with a strong retro feel.


  • A full octave of individually designed drone tones.
  • Inaudible loop points.
  • 3 patches of envelope variations for fast, medium, or slow fade-in and fade-out times.
  • Available as 2 or 10 second endless loops.

The library is available in three formats:

  • Soundfont: 2 versions are available, in 2 and 10 second cycle lengths, Both versions feature multiple patch variations for adjusting each drone’s fade-in and fade-out times.
  • GigaStudio: 2 versions are available, in 10 and 60 second cycle lengths. Both versions feature advanced MIDI programming to give real-time user control over crescendo, fade-in, and fade-out times of each drone.
  • Wav Audio: 3 versions are available, in 60 second cycle lengths, formatted for 44.1 kHz – 16 bit (standard quality), 44.1 kHz – 24 bit (pro quality), and 48 kHz – 24 bit (video production).

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