Get A Synth For Free, But You Have To Pay To Tweak The Knobs

Six Synth

Odo Synths has come up with a unique way of marketing their virtual synths. Their distributing Six, a VST synth for Windows, for free. Six is a 6-operator FM synth and comes with a bank of 128 presets.

If you want to be able to tweak the knobs, though, Odo is asking for a small donation.


  • All the routings from the DX7 synthesizer and also some routings from different FM synths.
  • 8 stage envelopes.
  • Random option for making quick presets
  • A fine tune reset button
  • Every operator has a -6 to 3 octave knob, fine tune and PW
  • The envelopes of the operators have a level and time knob.
  • The filter has the same 8 stage envelope with time and level
  • Filter types: low 12/low 24/low36/hipass/moog 4/moog 8
  • Extra PMD and feedback knobs
  • Chorus, phaser and stereo delay effects
  • 128 presets

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