Roland Releases SP-555 Sampler

Roland SP-555 Sampler
Roland has expanded its SP Sampler lineup with the new flagship SP-555 Sampling Workstation. The SP-555 comes with 16 velocity sensitive pads, 37 Fantom-quality effects, a new LOOP CAPTURE function, beefed up internal sample memory, and computer integration with USB MIDI/AUDIO connectivity.


Created for DJs, loop based performers and sampler junkies alike, the SP-555 model offers users a simple and stress-free approach to beat-making. Whether it be the 555’s down and dirty sampling capabilities that allow users to assign samples directly to individual pads, or the dynamic new LOOP CAPTURE function that allows them to grab spontaneous, live performances this new sampler offers something for everyone looking to carve out their own unique style.

The new LOOP CAPTURE function allows users to sample live audio from the 555’s inputs, (you can also play loops from the pads of course), with real-time effects tweaks. Additionally, artists can connect a footswitch to the SP-555 to activate the LOOP CAPTURE allowing them to stack individual parts on top of one another. The SP-555 makes it easy to build-out phrase loops in real time by simply activating the Overdub Mode.

The SP-555 boasts an expanded internal memory with almost six minutes of stereo sampling time, or to compact flash cards up to 2 gigabytes in size, for a total of over 12 hours of sample time. Like all other SP models, the 555 streams audio in real-time directly from the Compact Flash card, preventing any irritating audio flow interruptions.

The 37 Fantom-quality effects make the SP-555 stand out from the crowd. Effects include classics like the Voice Transformer, Delay and Isolator, and brand new effects like Super Filter, Amp Simulator Step Ring Modulator and DJ FX Looper. The SP-555 can save custom effects settings to the Effect Memory section and recall patches directly from the pads.

In addition to an army of button and knobs, the new SP-555 also contains Roland’s proprietary V-Link and D-Beam technologies giving beat makers new and organic ways to tweak their samples in a live setting, or in the studio.

Thanks to the onboard USB-MIDI/AUDIO and bundled Cakewalk SONAR LE and Wave Converter software, users can fly beats and sounds back and forth from their laptops with  ease.

In addition to the newest enhancements, the SP-555 shares the same standard feature sets and functions found in the SP-404, including tap tempo, a low-fi sampling mode, and onboard mic and I/O.

8 thoughts on “Roland Releases SP-555 Sampler

  1. im researching this unit and i’m amazed at the poor marketing from roland’s part… the internet is infested with a single press release describing the unit. for this reason i got negative thoughts of the unit… no one is talking about it, there is only one person’s sloppy review on harmony-central…. no magazine articles, no fuss, no criticism, no basis for a judgement except an very high price, a press release and a horrible demo video. i wish i could learn more ROLAND!!!!

  2. Gui

    Great feedback. Here’s a few suggestions for Roland – get these things into prominent bloggers hands; look at what Propellerhead is doing with videos on YouTube for Reason 4; and remember that people don’t want to hear you talk about how cool your gear is, they want to hear people talk about the gear that they think is cool.

    I think this looks pretty sweet – but I’m not sure if it makes sense to drop the $$’s on a hardware sampler anymore. What do you think?

  3. I like your style, the fact that your site is a little bit different makes it so interesting, I get fed up of seeing same-old-same-old all of the time. I’ve just stumbled this page for you 😀

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