Loopcache Releases Glitch Library For Reason

glitch bleep idm refillLoopcache has released Glitch Bleep IDM Reason Refill, a refill catering to the leftfield electronica music maker.

Highlights include:

  • Over 2500 individual hits, including Kicks, snares, bleeps, buzzes, hisses, clicks, clangs and glitched out stereo effects. Each sample has been level matched for ease of use and many have been micro edited for maximum impact.
  • Over 400 IDM oriented rex files including baselines beats and effects loops
  • Over 200 combinator patches including Drum Kits, multi layered Synth patches and Effects. Note that unlike some sound collections every knob and button on each combinator patch has been routed to something interesting for maximum tweakability.
  • Over 150 Malstrom patches, 100 Subtractor patches and 90 ReDrum Kits.

You can preview Glitch Bleep IDM below, and don’t miss the free loops you can download from the Loopcache site.

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