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Liz Revision

Liz RevisionLiz McLean Knight, aka Liz Revision, describes herself as “a multi-websited busybody, experimental electronic musician, and jewelry designer, with a love of all things technologically innovative and geek-chic.”

We found her site while checking out some dj-geek wear and were impressed. Knight’s got one of the coolest portfolios of projects that we’ve seen:

  • Produces experimental / ambient electronic music as Quantazelle
  • Founder and manager of subVariant Recordings
  • Designer and owner of Zelle, a design company featuring jewelry and accessories, right, created from computer and electronic components.
  • Manager of, an online store selling Zelle accessories, subVariant music, and other fashionably-geek gear. Check out their “Your beats are weak” shirts, and their electronic musician gear.
  • Designer of the Electronic Musicians’ Emergency Adapters, an all-encompassing kit of adapters intended specifically for laptop-based and other electronic musicians. Looks like it would be a great idea to throw one of these in the back of your car, in case you show up at a gig without a crucial connector missing.
  • Founder and editor-in-chief of, which she calls “Chicago’s premiere online resource for experimental electronic music / IDM (intelligent dance music).” Unfortunately, their site got hacked – hopefully it will be back up soon.

In other words, if there’s something cool related to electronic music, she’s probably doing it.

You can get a taste of Liz Revision’s mixes below. She’s got more DJ mix MP3’s at her site, and you can also check out her podcast.

Liz Revision

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