New Apple Vocal Jam Pack Features Choirs, Vocal Beat Boxers

Apple Vocal Jampack

Apple today introduced a new Jam Pack, Voices, the looks like it will be an interesting new addition to the Jam Pack lineup.


Jam Pack: Voices gives you over 1,500 Apple Loops featuring professional soloists and choirs in multiple genres and styles. It also provides more than 20 software instruments, including voices, choral ensembles, and amazing drum kits built on the human voice and body.

Over 1,500 Apple Loops give you an incredible range of world-class solo and choir performances. Over 20 software instruments include the following.

Drum and Percussion Instruments

Use unique drum kits incorporating the human voice and body to produce incredible beats and grooves, like the Human Beat Box, Human Bass & Lead, and Human Body Effects.

Choral Ensembles

Bring some of the world’s most beautiful voices onto your stage with breathtaking choral arrangements, including Boys Choirs, Classical and Chamber Ensembles, and Gregorian and Gospel Choirs.


Give your song new melodic character with solo instruments including Eastern Solo, Synth Soprano Solo, Whistler, and Vocal Shouts in a variety of styles and genres.

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