Robots Play Modular Synthesizers

Here’s a video from the Robotmakers that features some hardcore robot-patching modular synth action:

According to the Robotmakers, “”Building a Robot” is the result of a long evolutionary process that resulted in successive generations of forms, some of which we call music. Natural selection and repeated lethal mutations winnowed the results. We are left with the Robot Maker’s opus, which cannot be used as proof of intelligent design.”

We’re jealous – these robots have better synths than even Synthtopia’s secret synth-lab. Let us know what synths you can spot!

4 thoughts on “Robots Play Modular Synthesizers

  1. Yes, there are Moog,, MOTM, Cyndustries and Blacet modules in there as well as a homemade modular based on the CEM chipset. Also, an RA Moog minimoog. Robot says it’s too much. In any case, stay tuned for the sequel, the video for “Modern Android Cybernaut” now in production!


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