Dude Plays The Piano With His Brain

Here’s something to cipher on….a dude that plays the piano with his brain:

While it may look like this guys well on his way to becoming the Die Mensch-Maschine, the system isn’t really playing melodies that he’s creating on the fly.

What the system actually does is compose and play music based on the information found in brainwaves:

  • It analyses the brainwaves
  • Then it activates compositional rules to generate specific types of music according to the results of the analysis
  • Finally, it composes the music and plays it on the piano, in “real-time”

The subject in the movie has learned how to switch from one style to the other; for example, by closing his eyes and relaxing, he could command the system to generate music in the style of Eric Satie.

via Future Music Lab

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