Korg Prophecy Synthesizer Demo

Demo of Korg Prophecy synthesizer

via kimsacramento:

This hybrid digital synth is one of the coolest new monophonic lead synths! Tons of real-time control over traditional analog editing parameters like cutoff, resonance, envelopes and arpeggios. And it’s all at your finger tips.

It has a pitch wheel, a mod wheel, and a dual action ribbon wheel, 6 effects processors and more!

Plus its retro analog sounds are really good too!

It is used by The Orb, Jan Hammer, Download, Meat Beat Manifesto, Mirwais, Front Line Assembly, Kobe, Depeche Mode, Orbital, Theatre, Uberzone, BT, Union Jack, The Prodigy, the Crystal Method, Eat Static, Apollo 440, Radio Head, Luke Vibert, Stabbing Westward, 808 State, the Pet Shop Boys and lots more!

A great and modern techno/electronic music machine.

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