Dexter, Lemur More Sextacular Than Ever

Jazzmutant Dexter

JazzMutant has announced that their spectacularly sexy Dexter and Lemur controllers now have Dual Mode capability.

The Lemur is a generic controller that can be set up exactly to suit your needs, allowing for intuitive multi-touch control of instruments, effects, loops and live video. The Dexter comes hardwired for use with popular DAWs.

Dual Mode capability lets any Lemur or Dexter run the two feature-sets on the same machine. Since Lemurs and Dexters are based on the exact same hardware, installing the Dual Mode capability allows you to select Lemur or Dexter functionality when booting up your controller, effectively doubling the potential for your JazzMutant hardware.

The Dual Mode capability is available as a download-only item from the User Area. Dexter owners can freely upgrade to Dual Mode, and access the entire range of customization offered by the Lemur. Lemur owners can decide at any time to acquire the entire Dexter feature set for 399 euros.

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