Forget Synths – Robots To Replace Musicians Now

Just when they figured out that synths weren’t going to kill the demand for traditional musicians, now musicians have to worry about getting replaced by robots.

Toyota’s new personal robot is a 152-centimeters (5-foot) tall two-legged robot capable of playing violin. It makes use of its mechanical fingers to push the strings and plays the bow with its other arm.

It touts 17 movable joints that endow it with the capability to conduct domestic duties and assist in nursing. The violin-playing robot responds to voice commands and boasts of advanced face recognition.

Toyota hopes to see it and other Toyota Partner Robots on sale in the early 2010.

Personally, I prefer robotic musicians that rock:

2 thoughts on “Forget Synths – Robots To Replace Musicians Now

  1. Finally I can realize my dream of having an all robot band. Atleast they’d show up on time for practice… cause there’s nothing worse then being at a rehearsal space waiting for that one person who never shows on time…

    Kraftwerk would be pround.

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