Free Music Downloads From General Fuzz

Cool AberrationsNeed some more great free electronica mp3s?

Then check out General Fuzz.

General Fuzz (James Kirsch) has released four CDs of “lush melodic instrumental electronica” that you can download to your computer or your iPod or burn to a CD.

“It is electronic music with the emphasis on music. Its not so much dance music as music to zone out to,” says Kirsch. “It’s awesome in the car. Or in your room. Maybe where your computer is. Its even possible that you’re in front of your computer right now. I like that. That’s sexy.”

So get your sexy back and check out GF’s latest CD, Cool Aberrations. You can preview the CD below, with the track flow tater.

If you like what you hear, you can download the whole Cool Aberrations CD. If you like that, Kirsch has three more CDs you can check out.

And did we mention that the tracks are Creative Commons licensed? Yep – you can put them in your podcast or share them with your buds, too.

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