The 2007 Guide To iCrap

Podcasting News has a 2007 Holiday Guide To iCrap.

Our favorite:

Rock My Teeth – The Next Generation In Tooth Whitening

Rock My Teeth with an iPod

Want a clean, healthy smile, but don’t want to hassle with mainstream tooth-whitening solutions that are proven to be safe and effective?

Rock my friggin teeth out

If so, then Professor Bocelli’s Rock My Teeth may be what you’ve been waiting for! It lets you “whiten your teeth with music!”

A custom cable, above, with ear phones and tray jack works with your iPod or other digital music player. The device lets you control how much sound goes to your teeth and how much goes to your ears.

You can even turn up the music to your teeth and turn down the music to your ears during treatments, to truly Rock Your Teeth. According to Bocelli, the louder the music to your teeth, the more whitening energy you provide!

Think the iCrap can’t get any worse than that?

That’s just the start!

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