Moby On Barack Obama

If you’re not following Moby’s blog, you’re missing out on a lot.

Here’s his take on Barack Obama:

barack obama. first off, he has the single worst name anyone could ever have in the history of politics ever ever ever.

barack(rhymes with iraq) hussein(like the guy who tried to kill
gw’s daddy) obama (one consonant away from bush family pal osama bin laden).

personally i see his terrible name as being kind of a plus, as it really couldn’t be worse unless his name was satan hitler babyeater.

he’s the least experienced of the candidates but he’s also really smart and principled and telegenic. he seems like he would be fun at a barbecue but he’d also be good if you needed help doing your taxes and he’d definitely be nice to you if your goldfish
died. ironically i think he’s the democrats best chance to win.

ironic, as he’s:

  • a-inexperienced
  • b-1/2 muslim
  • c-possessed of the worst name in the history of politics

but gw was a coke addict with 2 dui’s and a history of running companies into the ground(not to mention a last name that is colorfully and colloquially used to describe ladies baby making parts).

so who knows? barack obama seems like the dem’s best choice.

plus it would be awesome to have an african-american president. the rest of the world wouldn’t be able to hate us as much, which would be nice.

4 thoughts on “Moby On Barack Obama

  1. How is this directly related to synths or music making? And since when did anyone start yearning for Moby’s useless political faux-analysis (or punditry, as he seems to want to call it)? Moreover, who is Moby to poke fun at someone’s name when he can’t even take a shot from the Comic Insult Dog?

    I really like this blog, but please–if you’re going to make me read about Moby (can you tell I don’t like anything about him?), can you at least make it music or gear related? There’s no need to regurgitate the stream of consciousness crap he pukes up on his blog.

  2. I’m shocked to learn that Moby is so deep – when’s his reappraisal of Heidegger coming out? Can’t wait to read it.

  3. Guys – Moby’s arguably one of the best known electronica artists around and his thoughts are topical with the campaign going on.

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