New App Rips From Vinyl And Automatically Identifies The Artist And Track

MixMeister has announced EZ Vinyl Converter 2, a new app being bundled with turntables from Numark and ION Audio which reads incoming audio from a turntable and uses Gracenote’s MusicID technology to automatically fill in the artist, album, and song information.

Users need only to click the “New Track” button at the end of each track. After songs are captured, EZ Vinyl Converter 2 automatically transfers them to iTunes as MP3 files.

EZ Vinyl Converter 2 software is available through bundles with Numark and ION Audio in the following products:

  • Numark: TTUSB, TTXUSB, and TTi

Owners of the above products who purchased their turntable prior to the bundling of EZ Vinyl Converter 2 can download the software for free at and web sites, depending on the product purchased.

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