Glyph Hard Disk Drives Pre-Installed Ilio Virtual Instrument Software

Soundware and software distributor ILIO has announced a interesting program with hard drive maker Glyph Technologies to offer hard disk pre-installed with virtual instruments.

ILIO’s G-TIP (Glyph–Turnkey Installation Program) packages will include virtual instrument software from Vienna Symphonic Library and Synthogy pre-installed on Glyph hard drives. Purchasers of these packages may register their software with the manufacturer without having to manually install the multiple Gigabytes of data many of these products contain.

There will be several pre-configured packages offered, each focused on a specific manufacturer’s line of products. For example, the program will debut with five packages of pre-installed virtual instrument collections from the Vienna Symphonic Library. Custom packages will also be made available upon request. Each package will comprise a Glyph GT Series hard drive, and the complete virtual instrument product(s) pre-installed on the drive. All original product packaging and documentation will be included, and Glyph will honor its full hard drive warrantee coverage on all authorized ILIO G-TIP packages.

It’s an interesting idea, especially for large libraries that could take a long time to install.

The packages will be offered to customers directly from ILIO and through ILIO’s network of retailers throughout North America. The program will launch in late January.

“The ILIO G-TIP packages are a direct result of customer demand,” says Mark Hiskey of ILIO. “Many of our users simply want the convenience of ‘plug-and-play’ without having to sacrifice the great sound and musicality large virtual instruments provide. Working with Glyph was an easy decision because they have the best reputation in our industry for high performance hard disk storage. And they back that reputation with excellent service and warrantee coverage.”

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