MXL USB.009-24 Condenser Mic

MXL USB.009-24 Condenser MicNAMM Show Update: MXL Microphones introduced a new USB mic – the USB.009-24 cardioid condenser microphone.

The MXL USB.009-24 features 24-bit A/D and D/A converters with up to 96 kHz recording capability. They recommend the mic for home recording, podcasting, as well as adding dialog to business presentations and other multimedia projects. They also recommend the mic for re-recording voice tracks to accompany video shot in the field.

Compatible with both USB 2.0 high speed and USB 1.1 protocols, the MXL USB.009-24 is a plug and play device.

The MXL USB.009-24 ships with a desktop microphone stand, a mounting clip, a flight case, cleaning cloth, one USB cable, an owner’s manual and an applications guide.

The MXL USB.009-24 carries a MAP of $399.95. The product is expected to be available Spring of 2008.


The MXL USB.009-24 is designed as a general purpose studio condenser microphone. It is equally suited for voice applications (both vocals and dialog) and makes a compelling choice for recording acoustic instruments as well as amp miking. The MXL USB.009-24 features a 32 mm pressure gradient condenser capsule with a gold sputtered diaphragm. Combined with its 24-bit A/D and D/A converters, this versatile new microphone delivers a full bodied sound with pristine highs, a smooth and silky midrange, and a rich low-end presence. The microphone supports recording with sampling frequencies up to 96 kHz.

MXL’s new USB.009-24 offers a comprehensive set of controls that enable the microphone to integrate into any audio environment. With its 1/8th-inch stereo headphone jack and adjustable level control, the USB.009-24 provides a convenient means to monitor during recording—with zero latency, bypassing the computer entirely. For added convenience, the MXL USB.009-24 even has a mix control for adjusting the balance between playback (the audio stream from one’s computer, for example) and the source signal via the microphone’s capsule—providing a fully self-contained monitoring solution for multitrack recording. Capping the microphone’s feature set is an analog gain control, for adjusting the level of signal from the capsule that feeds into the computer. With its blue LED capsule illumination, the MXL USB.009-24 provides visual confirmation that the microphone is powered and active.

Wayne Freeman, MXL’s Global Sales Manager, commented on the company’s latest microphone offering. “The new MXL USB.009-24 is unquestionably the most advanced USB microphone our industry has encountered. With first-class sound quality and a comprehensive assortment of features and accessories, everything one needs to start recording with a computer is included in this package. The latest advances in digital technology, along with years of research, have enabled us at MXL to produce the audio quality normally associated with expensive multi-channel computer interfaces within the body of this microphone. What this means for the end user is a simple, elegant, all-in-one recording solution that is completely professional.”

4 thoughts on “MXL USB.009-24 Condenser Mic

  1. Did you actually have this microphone and reviewed it in real life, or are you just posting data from the press release? You have no audio samples. No actual measurable evaluation whatsoever.

  2. I have the USB 009 and Studio One for review. I have done 2 videos on these mics, including audio tests. I will continue different tests during my review period. If you have any tests you want done, I’d be happy to do them.

    I really like the USB 009 so far. I use a Rode Podcaster and Se Electronics USB2200A. The 009, including all the stuff that comes with it, is a good choice.

  3. Hey,

    I bought this mic in 2014 to replace my Yeti, because Yeti wasn’t just pulling it off. It’s very flat, mostly good only for Skype. Oh, my, GOD how good does the MXL sound. I sound like that guy in the trailer. It’s bassy, it’s clear and the same time so warm and pleasant for the ear.

    I just wanted to tell you guys how good it is. If you do any kind of naration, audio books, voices, singing, it’s definitely what you want. Yeti is not good for that at all.

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