An Introduction To Controllerism

[display_podcast] is a cool site that features videos and other information that helps explain how to use various types of control surfaces to create and manipulate electronic music. The website is a collection of information and resources for the controllerist community.

Controllerism – the art of manipulating sounds and creating music live using computer controllers and software.

“Countless DJs and musicians are making music like this, but there is no commonly accepted name for the craft,” explains Moldover (above), a producer and leading exponent of controllerism. “There is no platform to develop this new musical vocabulary, and no artistic community to help it grow. Not until now.”

In the video, Moldover explains the hardware and software behind his approach to controllerism. Check out the site for more videos about controllerism.

5 thoughts on “An Introduction To Controllerism

  1. I have to give this guy some credit for what he has done with his site and that video.

    Informative and entertaining.

    Thanks for putting it up 🙂

  2. For anyone who’s interested in what Moldover is doing, we’ve created a community for individuals to share their ideas on Controllerism and to share what they’re doing…

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