5 thoughts on “Psychoacoustic Sampling In Omnisphere

  1. Um…. now i know what everyone’s going to use for ‘push-one-key’ soundtrack work next year. The infomercial fake-insterview format makes me a bit queasy,though.

  2. Nice recording experimentation , but the psychoacoustic sampling ?

    There is nothing there to indicate it’s anything but a marketing idea.

  3. I own this program…And what I can say from experience is that this soft synth is like anything else out there in only in that you can create your own sounds and mix them anyway you want (only in a more complex and creative way) And even if you don’t create your own soundscapes and opt to use the pre-made patches, you still have to choose your notes and chord progressions and do the work. By the same token, Omnisphere is unlike anything you’ve ever heard or played with. I own several boards including the Virus Polar TI which is a great synth. Its just that Omnisphere is in a class of its own because it inspires you to create in a different way. I don’t think pro users will want to chance it and not tweak the factory patches and risk their reputation over “pushing one key” for a film score or song. Or mixing other tracks with any of the patches.

    You can only be skeptical if you haven’t tried it. Psychoacoustic sampling is something I’m surprised wasn’t used before during the sampling craze in the 90’s. But we’re talking about a new synth engine that can alter the psychoacoustic samples now. So the only way you can actually believe or experience any of it is to get it and use it. I know new methods and paradigms are typically not well accepted. This happened to the electric guitar as well. People didn’t consider it a “real” instrument at first because it was more of a monster than a toy….


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