Free Experimental Electronic Music Downloads

Dave Cornutt, an aerospace software engineer based in Huntsville, AL, is also an experimental electronic musician, as Source Code.

He blogs at Sequence 15, and has an interesting collection of free tracks that you can download from his site. With each of his pieces, he provides some information on the process and gear that he used in creating the track.

One of his latest music projects is Statescapes:

Statescapes are works built around the principle of, as Robert Fripp puts it, “repetition and hazard”. The basic principle is sound-on-sound; it involves playing improvised parts into a long-period delay (>2 seconds), and using the built-up repetitions created by the delay as background for additional parts. This proceeds until the end — whenever that is!

Fripp (who credits Brian Eno for introducing him to the original technique) started creating these pieces, which he called Frippertronics, using a pair of reel-to-reel tape machines as the delay line. Later, after a technology upgrade, he started using the name Soundscapes. The earlier Frippertronics/Soundscapes works were named arbitrarily using years, starting with 1983.

You can preview one of his Statescapes, Maryland, below.

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