Orange Vocoder 10th Anniversary Edition

Orange Vocoder

Prosoniq has announced the 10th Anniversary Audio Unit Edition of their OrangeVocoder plug in for the Mac at this year’s Musik Messe in Frankfurt.

The new version is AudioUnit compatible on both the PPC and Intel Macs, doubles its internal voices, incorporates full MIDI control, supports all project sample rates and processes in true stereo. But it doesn’t end there: in addition to the features of the previous versions OrangeVocoder 10AE also offers various sound modes each with a distinct basic vocoder sound, voiced/unvoiced detection linked with a noise synthesizer, a filterbank freeze option and a HF passthru mode.

The 10th Anniversary AudioUnit Edition ships in April 2008 at a recommended retail price of 169 EUR, upgrades/crossgrades to 10AE from previous 2.x versions (including RTAS and VST versions) are available at 29 EUR.

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