Take A Ride With Sasha & Digweed

Over at BeatPortal, Industry Boy is blogging directly from Sasha & Digweed’s tour bus.

It offers an interesting view behind the scenes of a superstar DJ tour:

At the front of the bus is a lounge area with three couches, two giant Toshiba plasma screens, and an entertainment centre complete with a Marantz amp, a DVD player, a VHS player and satellite TV.

There’s a fridge, freezer and microwave too.

At the back of the bus is another lounge with more plasma screens and its own soundsystem.

There’s also WIFI on the bus.

All in all, this is more like a portable hotel suite for 10 people, than a bus.

“No shitting on the bus,” says tour manager Patrick Tetrick. “If you need to crap, we’ve got to stop the bus because there’s no way we can flush it out.

“You do not want to be the guy that takes a shit on Sasha and John Digweed’s tour bus because we’ll have to live with the smell for three days.

Then Sasha walks in, carrying some shopping bags, a MacBook Pro and a LaCie external harddrive.

He’s beaming from ear to ear.

“Oh man, this bus is wicked,” he tells me, walking from the front to the back, counting all the screens, microwaves and bunk beds.

“Last time our bus had 18 bunks, so this is much better,” explains Sasha. “Plus the last one stank of beer, fags, and cum but this one smells really nice.”

How’d you like to blog from Sasha & Digweed’s tour bus?

It would beat springtime in Iowa – we had snow today!

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