Is This The Best Virtual TB303 Ever?

AudioRealism Bassline 2

Probably no synth has been cloned more times, both in hardware and software, than the Roland TB303.

But while excellent hardware 303 clones (FR777) have been available for years, virtual versions have never been completely satisfying.

AudioRealism‘s BassLine 2 changes that. It cranks out authentic 303 sounds, using a simple interface that will be familiar to 303 users

According to AudioRealism, “analog modeling techniques have been employed to create a DSP-algorithm that accurately emulates every aspect of the original Bass Line, from growling basses to hollow middles and beeping highs with metal rattling accents.”

While that may sound like typical marketing-speak, AudioRealism actually delivers.

Bass Line 2 creates all types of 303 sounds, it has a 303-like interface, it offers working techniques similar to the 303’s and it intelligently expands on the 303’s capabilities.

The only thing you’ll find missing is DIN-SYNC.

Enough blah, blah, blah, though.

Check out the samples below for a taste of what the BassLine 2 sounds like.


Other features:

In addition to the great-sounding 303 emulation, BassLIne 2 has a few other tricks up its sleeve, including:

  • Standard or Analog-style tuning
  • Three styles of filter: 24dB, 18dB (303) &18dB Pure
  • A pattern analyzer that lets you read in audio bassline patterns and convert them to a BassLine 2 sequence.
  • A massive pattern library

My favorite extra is the Random function, which offers several options for randomizing your sequences. Hit the Random options a couple of times and you’re sure to come up with something strange.

If I could change anything on the Bass Line 2, it would be to provide more options for taking the synths’ sounds beyond the capabilities of the original TB303. For example – it would be nice to have the option to increase the range for the filter cutoff, or to have other types of distortion.

In other words, I’d like to see AudioRealism worry less about making this a faithful recreation of the 303, and more about making it an Uber-303.

That said – AudioRealism promises a faithful 303 emulation, and it delivers. This is the best virtual TB303 yet.

It’s available for 95 Eur, for Windows and Mac, VST & AU.

6 thoughts on “Is This The Best Virtual TB303 Ever?

  1. i dont think this is the best virtual emulation for tb303….D16 group with “phicylocibin” something like that, made a real juice sounding tb 303, the amp/drive session give it the warm we need and that really ACID sound, it have a lot of controls.. so its much more complex and complete than audio realism.and its sound speaks for it self…

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