Mochika Synthesizer

The Mochika is a hand-made analog synth from Atomosynth.

Per Kernelslacker:

The Mochika is a monotonic analog synth with the usual VCO/LFO/Noise sources, plus a step sequencer. It’s a bit temperamental.

When I first powered it up, I spent five minutes turning knobs just trying to make any sound other than mains hum. Oddly, turning it off and back on made it work. The range of various pots is also a bit suspect. The step sequencer for example has low end bass noises at all-the-way-to-the-left, whilst anything past 12:00 goes ultrasonic.

The flashing lights seem cool at first, but after a few minutes start to make your eyes hurt. Possibly more useful in a live environment though I guess. I wish I could turn down the intensity a touch. Even better, add an LDR to limit them when used in daylight.

Makes some really bizarre bleeps and bloops though. Lots of fun. Even more so when rigged up to various effects.

It’s pretty neat though for a hand-made device. It’s not anywhere as advanced as any of my other synths, but it’s certainly just as fun, and can do some things that the others can’t.

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