Philip Glass Doesn’t Support Chinese Commie Olympics

Classical minimalist composer Philip Glass, who wrote music for both the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and the 2004 Athens Games, isn’t looking forward to the competitions in Beijing.

“I think that we should pull out,” says Glass. “The Chinese are supposed to be taking care of human rights; they haven’t done it. The only reason we don’t pull out is that people are more interested in money than they are in human rights.

“I think the Olympic Committee should really pull the plug on it.” adds Glass. “Basically, the Chinese commies have been isolated for 50 years; they have no idea what the rest of the world is like. They think that we’re just another province of China and that they can do what they damn well want to.”

“And they’re a bunch of losers. They make a distinction: As long as you’re not political, you can do whatever you want in China. But politics is about the way we live! They’re drawing the line on the very things that matter to us most.

via New York Magazine

4 thoughts on “Philip Glass Doesn’t Support Chinese Commie Olympics

  1. This isn’t a surprise is it? Philip Glass discovered Buddhism in India with Allen Ginsberg waaay back in the day. I’m pretty sure he’s identified himself as a Buddhist in the past as well.

    Damn he composes awesome music.

  2. Synth fan – I’m a Glass fan, to a certain degree, too. I generally agree with his message, too – but thought the way he said it was pretty colorful!

  3. He should be officially release some of his works, like Monsters of Grace, so we don’t have to rely on bootlegs, instead of talking about this crap. 🙂

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