Five Boring Tenori-On Videos

Why is it that, despite a well-executed PR campaign, so many videos of the Tenori-On are so boring?

Here are five Tenori-On videos that are not just visually boring, but they suggest that the Tenori-On encourages a certain sameness of sound:

I Am Robot And Proud @ Cruising Iris

Making MIDI Music with the Yamaha TENORI-ON

John Herndon from Tortoise plays the TENORI-ON

Battles Try the TENORI-ON

Tenori-on, Minimal style

While most Tenori-On performance videos aren’t that interesting, this video from Mouse on Mars suggests that there’s hope for the Tenori-On yet:

Mouse on Mars Plays the TENORI-ON

Let me know what you think – is the Tenori-On turning out to be kind of boring, or are these just five crap YouTube videos?

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