3 thoughts on “The History Of The Doctor Who Theme Music

  1. Musically it may be "crap" compared to today's standard of electronic music with all the synthesizers, samplers and effects and stuff. But technically it is and was a truly genius piece of art! Nothing of the modern pieces of imitation that is called "new music" today even comes close to the revolution in music that Delia started with this piece.

  2. Exceptionally creative, and what stands throughout time is the eerie melody. As this interview alludes to, somewhat of a refreshing rarity because of a lot of the textural/atonal experiments that lacked catchy tunes.

    Unmistakable, which is a distinguishing mark of great music. I had to crack up when I found a sound that was reminiscent of the Dr. Who theme in Kore.

    [youtube 0hAbwLBPXRs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hAbwLBPXRs youtube]

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