Secret NIN Tracks: Ghosts 37, Ghosts 38

Not only is the deluxe edition of NIN Ghosts I-IV one of the most beautiful box sets ever, they’ve thrown in some extra music.

The deluxe edition was limited to 2,500 copies ,which sold out within 36 hours at $300 each. It includes two CDs, a data DVD with multi-tracks for remixing, a 24 bit/96 kHz Blu-ray disc, four 180-gram vinyl records, a 48-page book of photographs and two Giclee prints in high-quality luxurious packaging numbered and signed by Trent Reznor.

Here are links, via Sendspace, to download the extra tracks:

via califaudio

4 thoughts on “Secret NIN Tracks: Ghosts 37, Ghosts 38

  1. Thanks for the links. I bet this is another part of Reznors plan actually, to see how people react to others getting exclusives. Pure genius, and great songs.

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