Parallel Worlds at Synch Festival 2008

Parallel Worlds (Bakis Sirros) are playing live at Synch Festival 2008 in Athens, Greece on Friday the 13th of June. Parallel Worlds will present tracks from their 4 albums, plus unreleased material.

It should be a great opportunity for Greek synth fans to see some live electronic music action.

Here’s a link to our review of Sirros’ recent release as Parallel Worlds, Obsessive Surrealism.

In additon, Bakis Sirros of Parallel Worlds will offer a 3-hour analogue modular synthesis workshop with his A-100 on the 14th of June, Saturday evening on Bios building, Athens.

The workshop is focused on the application of the basic methods of synthesis (Subtracti ve, FM, AM) on analogue modular synthesizers (the Doepfer A-100 analogue modular synthesizer will be used as an example).

Application of analogue VCOs, LFOs, Envelopes, VCAs, Ring modulator, Waveshapers, Sample and Hold for the creation of simple and intricate sonic tones, drums and sound effects in the modular environment. Connection with cv / gate keyboard controller. Application of analogue step-sequencers and analogue modular synths as real-time sound manipulation tools (interactive link between sound source and analogue modular). Practical application of analogue modulars and MIDI.

via Doepfer

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