Can Anyone Explain The Video Pizza?

The Original Video Pizza DVD by Wolf Choir is advertised as “a one of a kind way to spend the evening!”

A full hour of rotating pizza montage with soothing sizzling sound effects, adds the perfect ambience to any party experience!

When the pizza ends, simply push play and watch again and again! For more information
about VIDEO PIZZA and other WOLF CHOIR albums, visit us on the web at:

If you’ve got any idea what the heck this is about, or any info on the cheesetacular synth music, let me know in the comments!

via WFMU

2 thoughts on “Can Anyone Explain The Video Pizza?

  1. Hi, this is Robbie of Wolf Choir, we made this as an ambient DVD you can play in the background at parties, like a video fireplace or video aquarium type product. We just thought it’d be funny to make a VIDEO PIZZA. In March we made Video Hawaiian Pizza. And there’s another secret one we made that we cannot reveal until the time is right. We found the music in various instructional videos we got at the library.

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