Wusik Dot Com Open Sources Wusik VM VST Manager/Organizer

Wusik has released its Wusik VM VST Manager/Organizer as a free and open source music project.

I think this may be the reason why they are having to turn this thing loose:

The idea behind WVM is very simple. You load WVM and inside it, you load your VSTs. Once you extract the presets to FXP files, you can organize those files in any way you want, or download categorized FXP files from our future library of VST FXP files. When a FXP is loaded, it will load the correct VST for it and apply the FXP Preset to the loaded VST.

For instance, you can have one directory full with FXP files that has only BASS sounds. Those files can be from several different VSTs. So when you browse and load each FXP, it will load the correct VST. Making browsing for sounds with multiple VSTs much easier. You can also categorize by mood, style, or any other way you want.

All right! Now, WTF does any of that mean?

It actually looks like an interesting project – but just one that’s not necessarily a marketable one.

Wusik VM also includes 2 Midi-Tools: Arpeggiator and Melody.

System Requirements: Windows Compatible VST Host/Sequencer.

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