Nine Inch Nails Ghosts 13 Video

This video, by Matthew Davidson (stretta) is for NIN’s Ghosts 13:

When Nine Inch Nails announced their Ghosts Film Festival – an invitation for fans to submit videos from the new album, I was interested enough to write it down in my creative to do list, and consigned myself to forgetting about it or missing the deadline. But, Ghosts 13 spoke to me. I saw symmetric neon tubes that drew themselves in time to the melody, slowly falling into the distance. It was just a matter of finding the time to realize it. Vimeo allows HD (1280×820), so, by all means, don’t view this tiny version embedded in the blog, click on the vimeo logo. But, the original full res version is 1920×1080.

This is what makes Creative Commons music licensing so interesting. NIN released their music free for anyone to share, encouraging people to remix it and use it creatively. The result is more remixes and more music videos than they ever could afford to pay to have done!

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