Tenori-On Meets Kyma And Hypnotizes Me

This Tenori-On Meets Kyma video is sort of sexed up – in fact it sort of hypnotized me into thinking I need one of these things.

Anyway – here’s the scoop on the video:

In order to tap the real power of Yamaha’s new Tenori-on, it helps to pair it with external equipment capable of producing more satisfying sounds than the somewhat lackluster soundset included with the Tenori-on itself. In this video, no internal Tenori-on sounds were used whatsoever. Tenori-on is functioning purely as a sequencer with external equipment, including advanced sound-shaping from Kyma and analog synthesis from Alesis Andromeda and Dave Smith’s Prophet ’08. Sequencer data coming from Tenori-on is processed in Ableton Live (utilizing midi scale and chord filters, as well as injecting some generative randomness) before reaching Kyma, Andromeda, and Prophet ’08.

I like the track and the video. But does the Tenori-On really need $10,000 worth of gear to sound good?

5 thoughts on “Tenori-On Meets Kyma And Hypnotizes Me

  1. i have built custom software which is like 100 times better than tenori whatnot, didnt cost a penny, and takes no space in the room.

    plus it directly integrates with kyma when required.

    i dont disrespect the creator ot yamaha, but using hardware for creating notes, and then sending these notes over the MIDI interface is really a bit outdated now, that was hip in the 80ies.

    if you had the choice you´d rather control an analog synth from a computer than a VSTi or a kyma sound from a hardware sequencer.

    wait one year and 30″multitouch panels will be standard on stages and in studios and then you can throw away those tamagochies.

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